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New Music Monday’s: Mac G is back…

Mac G, the former YFM radio personality is back….
Not only is he a firm fixture on 94.7 Highveld Stereo (you heard it first with but he has joined the likes of DJ Dimples and DJ Switch in creating his own music…

I must admit, he is a hustler and I admire his determination to succeed. One would assume there are very few places the rowdy Mac G could go to after YFM, but he has found a spot on Johannesburgs biggest radio station, and hosts a show daily… (Yes, every day… )  –  Weekdays 12-4am, Saturday Nights – 9-12pm (94 Hits in a Row) and Sunday Nights (6-9pm) – Talk about coming back with a bang…

Well he has decided to work with Craze’s Mo (Morena Sefatsa) on his first single… Now you may be wondering, Why Mo? And can Mo even sing? Well If you new to my blog, then you wont remember this unplanned performance that Mo had with the legendary Judith Sephuma last year.

Remember this —>>

So there is no doubt about his singing ability… I mean, if he “wowed” the great Judith Sephuma, then he is sure to “wow” us all… Well done to Mac G, for discovering him, and pushing a bright young new star… I asked Mac G how it all happened and he replied that he saw Mo on Jam Alley and knew that Mo would be perfect for this beat that he had created. So he sent him the beat and the rest is history…

So I am sure, by now you are wondering where you can listen to this song,
Well obviously has it…

Enjoy it…


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