Joburg Pride 2012 Theme Revealed…

Joburg Pride, the African continent’s first and largest annual LGBTI celebration, will take place at the Zoo Lake Sports Club on Saturday, 6 October 2012. This year’s theme is “Protect Our Rights”, underscoring Joburg Pride’s ongoing support of basic human rights, as highlighted in South Africa’s ground-breaking Constitution.

“Human rights” cannot be taken for granted – as highlighted with recent calls from some political quarters to change South Africa’s Constitution to remove clauses pertaining to “sexual orientation”.  Hence, this year’s loud-and-proud message – that South Africa’s LGBTI community should stand together as one, protecting and supporting the Constitution and its protection of fundamental human rights. Ultimately, a strike against the human rights of South Africa’s LGBTI community is a strike against the human rights of ALL South Africans!

Of course, as a reflection of the LGBTI community, Joburg Pride will – as always – offer a frisky mix of fun, flair and finesse, rounding out its important messaging.

Get ready to “Protect Our Rights” in 2012 – and beyond – at this year’s Joburg Pride!



4 thoughts on “Joburg Pride 2012 Theme Revealed…

  1. This is an amazing theme considering actions such as those of Contrasela which amounts to an act of tyranny to put it lightly. BRING ON PRIDE!

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