Jen Su hosting the SAMA’s

Jen Su… Really? She does a Hollywood report, Holly-f#cken-wood report on 5fm. She doesnt know the difference between Zahara and Zonke…. And she is one hanger short of a fashion disaster, so she cant be doing the red carpet…
Dont get me wrong, I love Jen Su, but can we have fresh new faces leading the South African music industry forward…
Other hosts include Kabelo, Sizwe, Pabi, Zonke, Swazi Dlamini (jazz artist), Unathi and Heinz Winkler (yes, that guy who won Idols Season 1 — Season one.. season-f#cken-one…)

The only people I am personally excited to see is Unathi, Swazi and Zonke… The rest, yawn…

Could have had people like T-Bo-Touch, Roxy Burger, Dineo Moeketsi (did an amazing job at Channel O’s), Graeme Watkins and Siya “Scoop”… And what happened to Bonang? Anyways…


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