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Spotted at the Jameson Party

Spotted at the launch was the ever so sexy Pearl. She is fast becoming SA’s new IT girl. Real Gaboza presenter, cover model, billboards all over Edgars, model, actress, singer on Kabelo’s next single… What next? Love this girl tho… NoHetro! “Death”

Another girl who loves rocking a fro was songbird, Zahara. Glad she attended Fashion week opening, lord knows she needs a style guru… {Paging Dion Chang: Please hook a sister up}
But what got my attention was Zahara on the dance floor… girl can break it down. Here she is dancing with Trans Africa Radio DJ, Jean to Rick Ross… Yes, I captured Zahara dancing to Rick Ross… Talk about classic moments…

I thought Nandi looked cute and appropriate… She is so small yet she has star presence. Loved the yellow on her…

Okay, DJ Speedsta made this post, simply because he is going to be the next best thing… Putting t out there, just so that when he blows up, I can say “I told you so….”

The Wild’s Ty and Gail… Ya, he is cute… And well done to Gail for wearing that feather duster… Its like a pleasant reminder of this —–>>> 

Anyways, talking about poorly dressed people…. Can someone please explain why Sonia Booth was wearing a wedding gown? —-Anyone—-

Those are her own shoes…. Yes she has her own shoe range…. Finally ladies with a size 10 shoe, will have heels, just like Mrs Booth… But I still have no idea why she was wearing a wedding gown?

Anyways, talking about someone who isnt wearing a wedding gown, Uyanda Mbuli

She was looking good… I avoided her, just like Mac G avoids bathing…. She proved the point that you dont need to wear wedding dresses and funny hats to be noticed… Well done sis Uyanda…

To see the rest of the Fashion Week launch party pictures visit JustCurious.


2 thoughts on “Spotted at the Jameson Party

  1. Uyanda looked fab as ever now this is fashion hope Zari-zari(Zahara) and Mrs Booth will get it next time.

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