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But what was Chomee wearing?

But what was Chomee wearing? This was taken this week at the opening of parliament… Can we hook her up with a designer… Gert, Thula, David, Matthew Victress, Abigail Betz even YDE?


9 thoughts on “But what was Chomee wearing?

  1. A body to die for and no fashion sense. Or maybe she was just trying to blend in coz those parliament mama’s out fits look hideous.

  2. Oh Gosh someone needs to give this chick a chair so she can sit down or get her A$$ to the mall like for real!

  3. Ai NO CHOMEE really???there’s individuality, then there’s that! Stop it it! We love u, we’d love u tons more if you got a stylist girl! Or at least read a fashion blog nje, missMillieB maybe???just do something love.

  4. Haai no girl you look like you just got spit out by a very green frog.u look so green and floral,and those shoes they don’t say chomie,get fashion advice from bonang or simply call me,don’t be afraid

  5. Omg totally hideous outfit,looks cheap too, even my grandma’s two piece would look better on her,and her legs don’t looking appealing too,Chomee work on your look girl,looking good is good for business all the time.

  6. Chommee we know chinese clothing is cheap but someone of your calibre surely can afford a David Tlale design

  7. LORD please have mercy…this girl looks like something out of Boomerang(Eddie Murphy $ Halle Berry 1988)….how much more ancient can you look and that at Opening of Parliament nogal………#majorfauxpas#

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