Spotted at Vigi Lante’s Birthday

Friday night, I joined my friend and popular DJ, Vigi Lante at his birthday party at Taboo in Johanesburg. To be honest with you, I was exhausted from the night before, but I had to celebrate with one of my bestest Johanesburg. Vigi is a mix DJ on Metro FM and is a part of MVD (Milkshake, Vigi & Dimples), one of SA’s hottest DJ groups…

I cornered C-Live a few times (Pause) and asked him to give me a sexy pose… He then fetched his shades and came back to give me his “Lunga Shabalala” pose…. Well this was what we got…lol…. Ya, not bad C-Live…lol… Also on the decks was Dimplez. I feel so bad I have never been to a POP BOTTLES… Soon… I Promise!

YFM’s Sizwe got the crowd dancing… Awesome set… I had a quick chat with him in the DJ booth… Think he was shocked when I gave him a hand shake…lol… The guy thought I was about to jump him in the DJ booth… Was tempted to… If I had one more Brutal Fruit he would have been a better man…lol… He’s a cool guy. He shared some tips on DJ-ing. And we continued the talk on Twitter… But he hit me with a “NO SHADOWING POLICY” *blind*… But its cool…Shap!

Young hip hop DJ, Speedsta also looked like he had a few Brutal Fruits…lol… This guy is only 19, but he is one of Jozi’s top Hip Hop DJ’s… Did I mention he’s playing at my Birthday?

Euphonik was also playing… Bumped into him on the stairs between the house floor and hip hop. I think he likes me… 😛

SA’s hottest house music duo, Twins On Decks were also in the house… You must hear these guys play… Party rockers & they cute… And theres two of them…

DJ Warras joined the Twins. DJ Warras is such a pap guy, he was meant to be at the Cosmo event and he didnt arrive… Well apparently he told them he cant make it, but Poppy made him look like he just didnt rock up… kamaan Poppy!

The sexy Lala looked smokin’ hot in a LBD. She told me how much she loves Vigi. She said he is one of her fav DJ’s… And if Lala says something is hot….

Fellow Vuzu presenter, SK also came through to celebrate. SK is not only a presenter and Trans Africa DJ, but he has now launched his own T-Shirt range called ZULU SWAGG. Pretty cool T-Shirt range…

Birthday girl, Mokgadi was celebrating Vigi’s Birthday and her Birthday Weekend. Here she is with Teargas’ MaEzee.

Sexy house DJ, Lulo Cafe arrived when I was leaving… Pity I missed his set as I usually love him on the turn tables…

DJ Cleo arrived as the party was at its peak… Cool guy…

Spotted JR on the stairs… Ya this hairstyle… Cue CaboSnoop and JR Collab…

Also spotted 94.7’s Ricci and Lee Roy. I think 94.7 were having their staff party, as there were a few 94.7 people floating around…

The oh so pretty radio producer and socialite, Fezo looked glam as usual.

To see the rest of the people I spotted, click here


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