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Mika Stefano’s top 12 things to look out for in 2012


Okay, so I know they were the big thing for 2011, but I think its still the tip of the Ice Berg for this house band, Mi Casa. 2012 promises to be a big year for these three guys… Hopefully with the SAMA’s around the corner, they will get a SAMA nod. Their CD is a must have, but something you cant miss out on, is a live performance by these guys. Do yourself a fava and make sure you get to catch them live…


This young hip hop crew, Cash Time Family dropped their album late last year and they have already got the industry talking. They recently performed at Uyanda Mbuli’s Birthday and they got the crowd excited. This was the first time I had seen them perform, but I doubt it will be the last…


A legend in the industry, Kabelo is back with a new album. Even though it dropped late last year, I think their are still a few more singles to come off this CD. He has worked with some awesome people on the album creating sounds that almost everyone will enjoy… He will continue his hard work with SHOUT in 2012, with a new Shout song coming out in early 2012…


This young hip hop crew really became well known late last year after the lead rapper, Young Nucho had an incident with Lil Wayne.  Okay, we admit he may look a LOT like Lil Wayne, but we have all heard his solo song “Im Not Wayne”. Well he is not the only guy in the group. The group is made up of 5 guys and they are all known as Sleek Note. I heard one of their latest songs and its not that bad… Possibly these boys could be the dark horse of the year… One thing they have showed us, is that they are determined and passionate…


One of the members of the popular group, 3sum, Koyo Bala recently came out with HIV status. He fast became the talk of the town, something he is used to… But he also quickly became a role model to many young and old people. He is currently working on his solo album. He has also teamed up with some awesome people including Zakes Bantwini. He also has a reality show dropping on eTV…


This sexy 18 year old who studied at the National School of Arts has already got a lot of people talking. Chiano Sky is sexy and talented. With a sound that reminds you of Amy Winehouse and Duffy. She will be dropping her debut album this year. She already has two singles on radio and a sexy music video…


This young guy from Durban hit the industry early last year with his rock hard abs, defined chest and sexy smile. Lunga Shabalala was the first South African CK model. He was also seen in the annual Cosmo Calendar. He then won the presenter search competition and became the latest addition to South Africa’s most loved TV show, Selimathunzi. And this is only the beginning. 2012 Lunga will be joining Africa’s leading online radio station, Trans Africa Radio. I think there is still lots more to come from this young, stylish guy…


The ever so stylish, Dineo Moeketsi made people’s heads turn in 2011… I think 2011 was just the tip of the iceberg for this talented young girl. Soon she will be off to America to start filming O-Access but can currently be seen on our TV screens on V-Entertainment.


Cape Town based designer, Mkhululi Dukuza is the creator of a well known Cape Town Couture label called, Matthew Victress. He has dressed some of Cape Town’s finest including Idols winner Karen. He wants to be one of the first designers in South Africa to design trendy yet stylist dresses for the curvier type of girl. Big is beautiful and I have no doubt this designer is going big in 2012


House music has never sounded this sassy… The Tank Top DJ’s are South Africa’s first gay DJ duo. They play house music but dont be surprised if you hear a Beyonce or Rihanna track thrown into the mix. Playing in their tank tops, these two promise to keep you dancing until New Years Eve.


You may recognize this guy from one of your old Cosmo Calendars or you may have seen him and his sexy body in the Jockey campaign. Well, Stephen Friedman has more to offer then just his good looks (not that we complaining). This young guy will be launching his TV show this year… You may be thinking “Oh, another TV show”… Well his is a bit different, it is a Travel show with a young vibey twist. He will be traveling across Africa with varios African celebs, including 2Face as they discover some of the most amazing treasures Africa has to offer.


Our current Miss SA Teen, Celeste Kumalo has to be one of the prettiest girls I know. She has just finished her matric and is now Miss SA Teen. She is smart, pretty and caring, I think this will be her year… Eventually a new beauty in our magazines and TV screens.


8 thoughts on “Mika Stefano’s top 12 things to look out for in 2012

  1. Ass kissing much? Mara what happened to u Mika u used to b so controversial and I lovvvvved it,mara now ha ah my gossip gangster u r loosing it!When u were telling nonhle to sitdown I thought I had u back only to go cold again….:-( I’m a loyal fan bhuti , plz bring my mika back:-) ohh by the way I like u more than justcurious get the gossip going so we can increase the traffic to ur blog. I’m still pissed that I had to wait 2weeks for u to post a new article ,only to have this ahhhhhhh Mika!! Where is my gossip gangster!?

  2. Lol look who is “Ass kissing” That “I like u more than justcurious” statement is just dull.

    Anyways Tx for the update, It was more nicer when u were saying it on Monday with Ms Ralefeta.

    But how long will the sweet koyo be working on the Album? Let me shushh what do i know im just a Chef. Is the reality show the one he will be doing with Miss Mash (Iko). I hope it plays already.

    People are up to great things this year and that’s great.

    Did u say Lunga will do Radio? SMH. Well he is improving thou so im sure he will be good and in time he will be great.

      • Nonhle Thema is dull…

        Yes, Lunga is joining Trans Africa Radio… Every Monday 21:00 – 00:00 (Tune in, kicks off in Feb)

        Apparently Koyo’s TV show is hitting etv in Feb…

        thanks for listening to me on Metro FM with the diva, Carol.

      • Lunga is getting better in terms of communication thou. So im sure he will be great in time.

        We shall wait and see what Iko has in store.

  3. im sure u’ll be sued again for this, see below

    ms uyanda mbuli has misled all in mzansi, including the fashionistas and SAFW – i believe that the truth has to come out.

    the reason I’m saying this is that we also buy from the same places that she also buys from. she buys in hong kong, and turkey – we also buy from the same suppliers.

    but she is known as a designer in mzantsi – we would also love to show at fashion week.

    if its an open secret in the industry, how does she get away with it.

    her suppliers probably dont know that she takes their designs and says they are her designs.

    its become of a joke when we see people who are dressed by her.

    i dont know how she thought this could be a secret when the same suppliers tell us she’s a client when they discover that we are from mzansi.

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