Beauty Contest

Miss SA and Miss SA Teen 2011

So this past weekend in Sun City, the new Miss SA and Miss SA Teen were announced.

Blonde bombshell, Melinda Bam was crowned the new Miss South Africa.

She is very pretty, you have to admit. This 22 year old beauty is studying marketing in Pretoria.

On Saturday night, Miss SA Teen was announced. And my friend, Celeste Khumalo was announced as our new Miss SA teen. Now that she has just completed matric, she went in hard to win that stunning crown. Her 1st princess, Tarsha Leigh is also my friend. (and if you dont believe me, here are the two lovely ladies with me, in the Egyptian themed photo shoot we did for my birthday.) So, one can say “I Called Them”…

For more pics of the girls at the pageant, visit Just Curious.


One thought on “Miss SA and Miss SA Teen 2011

  1. Wow… I love the photo of you & the girls I have an egyptian style photo shoot in May and I was wondering where did you get your costumes for your shoot ?
    I would love to rent them or buy them for my shoot .

    thank you


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