Nonhle Thema

Mika Stefano tells Nonhle Thema to sit down… (well, almost)

So, after the Weezy vs. Nucho blog and my comments on eTV, little miss Nonhle Thema sent me an SMS… Here is our convo… ENJOY!!!

I guess that means its over…


20 thoughts on “Mika Stefano tells Nonhle Thema to sit down… (well, almost)

  1. *JEALOUS, BROKE, UGLY BITCHES* nonhle is beautiful,successful, wat do u guys have ? nothing *GROW UP! IINCLUDING U MIKA…STABANE!

  2. he he eh Wheteva = Pathetic Nonhle. If you want people to leave you alone stop acting like an idiot. She must stop putting herself out there if she wants people to leave her alone mos.. shame. I hear she is really really broke (close source) thats why she has gone all mental

  3. talking about lawyers and ms uyanda, read this

    she has misled all in mzansi, including the fashionistas and SAFW – i believe that the truth has to come out.

    the reason I’m saying this is that we also buy from the same places that she also buys from. she buys in hong kong, and turkey – we also buy from the same suppliers.

    but she is known as a designer in mzantsi – we would also love to show at fashion week.

    if its an open secret in the industry, how does she get away with it.

    her suppliers probably dont know that she takes their designs and says they are her designs.

    its become of a joke when we see people who are dressed by her.

    i dont know how she thought this could be a secret when the same suppliers tell us she’s a client when they discover that we are from mzansi.

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