Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau & Tebogo Lerole an item? Say what….

The diva herself, Khanyi Mbau has been spotted several times with the young and sexy (thats a change for her) Tebogo Lerole. You may be asking, who Tebogo is, well he is the Beyonce of the well known Penny Whistling turned Rap group, Kwela Tebza. The two seem to have been kicking it for a while now…

This was taken in November…

And this was taken at the Weezy concert…

The two seem happy together and that is all that matters… I am happy for her. She deserves someone who can treat her like the queen that she is and Tebogo seems to be keeping her happy.

This has to be one of THE hottest hook ups of 2011… 🙂 Happi



19 thoughts on “Khanyi Mbau & Tebogo Lerole an item? Say what….

  1. Im also happy for khanyi shame, and the second photo clearly shows that she is in love, and there is no greater feeling like being in love…

  2. Khanyi I’m happy 4 u. Ppl my criticise you on ur past but everbody deserves a second chance ur hot, young n talented. Ppl my call u a gold digger but dnt let their opnioun about u define who u are. With u and Tebogo a happy life.#muchlove

  3. i think they are cute together, i would also want to date kanyi why not she still looks good in spite of all the drama u jst gotta love her

  4. love them tooooooo bits and pieces of chicken…. hope they last though hey. none the less i wish them all the best of luck in the whole world

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