Wonder Woman and Zorro are here…

Veet kicks off the summer season with an awesome campaign featuring Poppy and DJ Zinhle. Both theses sexy DJ’s will be touring with Veet and celebrating summer in Cape Town and Durban this festive season… (Will be running a prize give away soon, so keep visiting
To kick off this campaign, Poppy and Zinhle were spray painted as their fav super hero…

Why spray painted? — Well, you can only be spray painted if you have a silky soft Veet skin… Duh!
Poppy picked Wonder Woman and DJ Zinhle picked Zorro

As you can see they werent fully naked, but with bodies like these, I dont understand why not… Poppy still has a rock hard tummy (No wonder she did Shape) Here she is half way done… Apparently she arrived at 08:00 and this pic was taken at 09:30… So this spray thing takes a while…

DJ Zinhle was Zorro… Now I dont remember Antonio Bandaras wearing fish nets, but I must say they looked hot on her… She has Maskcara tips on her nails… So cool…

DJ Zinhle getting her make up done…
This is the first time she has landed a spot on hau shame… Welcome…
She picked Zorro, coz it starts with a “Z” and so does her name… Cute!

The two ladies looked gorgeous as the hero’s…
DJ Poppy aka Wonder Woman and DJ Zinhle aka Zorro


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