Sunday Charity Day

Seeing as it is the season to give back, I decided to help my friend, Nyko plan a fun charity day for Trans Africa Radio. With children between the ages of 2 – 17 we were ready to have fun and bring some magic into their lives. V, Tshepo Badimo and Saz joined Nyko, Luyanda and myself and we all headed off to Dobsonville, to a community hall in Snake Park.

The children performed for us and they had a dance off. They also showed us some of their various routines. There was a small group who did a karate demonstration.There was this young boy, who was only 11 and he was DJ-ing so the children could have their dance off competition.. He was just as talented as Euphonik or Lulo Cafe and he was only 11… Inspiring.

We then had lunch, thanks to King Pie. King Pie provided pies for over 400 mouths. And I would personally like to thank them once again…

We then handed out small sweetie packs and some children got their faces painted.

I just want to thank Nyko, Luyanda and their team. I would also like to thank V, Tshpo, Saz and all the people who donated. 🙂


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