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DA LES gets his own TV show…

So well known South African hip hop artist, Da Les will be launching his own reality TV show…

What happened to the Jozi show? I wasn’t lucky enough to watch it, but what I heard, didn’t sound too good…

Well the concept of the show is all about tattoo’s… Virgin Ink Nights is a live, online TV reality. Every Wednesday at 20:00 you can log onto their website and watch Da Les get a full body tattoo… (fun). But thats not all, it will include interviews and unscripted content (NoNonhle)

This past Wednesday was the first part of this reality show. L-Tido came through to show love. As you can see, Da Les has already started working on the tattoo on his right arm…

Between us, I cant say I will be logging on to watch the show… Its just not my thing. But Da Les is an entertaining guy and perhaps an unscripted show will be better for him?

Click here to watch a trailer of Da Les’s VIRGIN INK NIGHTS





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