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Are they an item?

I recently spotted a few celebs out and about…

And I couldn’t help but wonder, IF THEY ARE DATING?

I spotted the sexy Boity and Andile together at the Judith Sephuma event two weeks ago… The two acted as if they didn’t know each other, but after a few questions I learnt they were very good friends…
I think it could be true… BOITY AND ANDILE

Now this combo surprised me… Almost fell over. I spotted the ever so busy Elana Africa with Moki Sage (of Koldproduk – Hip Hop group) at Cacoon in Sandton all snug and happy together… I think they look cute together… And didnt she just have a recent break up… All I know, is they kept it on the HUSH!

YFM’s Eda Rose (or as Sowetan call her, Edith Rose) was with this cute guy… I have no idea who he is, so if anyone can ID him, please do… I was lucky enough to eat sushi off him… I am sure Eda is used to that…

Wish I could post a picture of myself up here and tell you who I am dating… 😡


One thought on “Are they an item?

  1. I’ve seen Boity and Andile together at The Bank a couple of times.I think they are together but apparently she is dating Lunga the yummy Selimathunzi presenter

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