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Spotted at the Ben Sherman launch

Okay, its official… I am a liker of things…
I had just come from the dentist and had two big fillings (and I will like to add, wasnt the funnest dentist visit) and an hour later, I quickly passed by at the official launch of the Ben Sherman store in Sandton.

Now to be honest with you, I am not a big fashion fan… I mean, as long as it looks good, that’s all that matters. Labels are not my thing. But there were a few nice items in the Ben Sherman store, and Im not just talking about the sexy staff…

Singer, Ferdi looked cute in his nerdy glasses. He has a new song out, that we will be playing on HomoNoHomo this Sunday on Trans Africa Radio, so be sure to tune in.

One of my fav local singers, KB looked cute rocking a short hairstyle… Funny, my hair is the exact same colour. Either we both have it, or we dont…

YFM’s Motso was also there.. Wow, she is becoming the social butterfly… At every opening this month… Thinking about it, there were a few YFM people there… Likers of things…

Mokgadi was doing exactly what her top said, she was RUNNING IT!

Socialite, Thulane mingled nicely… MoT from Mi Casa seemed to be having a good time. Im surprised he was so energetic. Mi Casa spent the WHOLE of (the day before) shooting their second music video.

I was thrilled to chat to the editor of DestinyMan, Kojo Baffoe. What an awesome guy…

Liquid Deep were performing… (Must be an endorsement deal…)

I swear Zion forgot his lyrics. We commented on how many times he sang HEY. But I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so I filmed it…


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