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Personal Blog…

I seldom do personal blogs, just feel this is not the place… But I felt like writing this Sunday evening, after my radio show… So here goes…

What a crazy week it has been, like a roller-coaster with many ups and a few downs.
The lesson that I learnt this week is you can make the most out of the little you have.
As you may know, I was entered into the #FocusMyFunds competition. Ford and Ogilvy selected five top bloggers from across South Africa, and I was one of the lucky five. Our challenge was to raise as much money for a charity of our choice. The charity I selected was SOHACA. An orginization based in Soweto. They deal with corrective rape, HIV AIDS treatments and offer guidance to young gay and lesbian children. I feel particully close to this charity, because they deal with something that very few people are comfortable with talking about. We were given R100 and 8 hours to raise as much money as possible. And I will be letting you know, in a seperate blog post, how we raised the money, but boy can I tell you, we were successful. I sent out an emailer to a few friends and posted a few tweets and within moments I had people from all over wanting to donate money. And this made me think, how amazing we are as South African’s. The meaning of Ubuntu is understood by us all, black, white, gay, straight and everything in between. Within a few hours we had raised over R7000. And we weren’t even done with the challenge. The amazing thing with this challenge was all five bloggers were given this amazing opportunity to raise funds for their charities. I salute my fellow bloggers for taking time off to take part in this awesome campaign. This was by far the main high of my week…

The second high of the week was the recording of my second single… Well technically its not my single, but a whole groups single.. Last Sunday a few celeb friends and myself all gathered at the Trans Africa Radio studio’s to record a fun Christmas house track. V (my producer) created a sick beat. And all the celebs had to drop four lines… Moments into the recording, magic was made. With over 16 different celebs on the track, this was another moment when I realised that you dont need a lot to make magic happen. I mean, so many people are affraid to go out and make their dreams come true… I say, break those bars down and be you…

Have you ever had a crush on someone who doesnt really like you?
Eish, well that has been a bit of a low this week. There is this guy who I have a bit of a crush on, but I just don’t know what to do to break through to him… I mean I have him on BBM, but the communication is terrible… I see he has Read some of my BBM’s, but then I would wait up for hours to see if he replies… I feel like a hopeless female lead in a terribly cheap romantic chic flick and all I want is my male lead to come whisk me up and take me away to a magical place over the rainbow, or even Melrose Arch would do… Just dont know what to do? Do I continue to text him? Do I leave it for a while… Oh, please help me agony aunt…

Another low was missing out on the Metro FM Awards. I think the main reason I was bummed to miss the Awards was because my good friend, Sydney told me about the most raunchy stories of stuff he saw at last years Metro FM Awards, and I guess I wanted to be included in that… With a jam packed week, I didnt have a moment to plan an outfit… All I had was a pair of Gold Cheetah print Minx nails to work with. And as my nail stylist (yes, I have a nail stylist, just like Beyonce) said “You like planning things at the very last moment…” And she was right… Saturday morning came, and I still had no outfit. So I rushed off to the Oriental Plaza and bought tons of material, feathers and matching cheetah print pants. The plan was to meet a friend, Dale at 13:00 and go to the Awards. But after I spent all morning rushing, Dale was held back at a photo shoot and we would have only left Johannesburg at 16:30. Meaning we would have arrived in Mpumalanga at 20:00, meaning no “black” carpet… meaning – NO POINT. Now to be most honest with you, I was almost heart broken… I really wanted to go to the awards, but I guess things worked out for the best. I mean I would have arrived looking like a member of THE LION KING cast. After a few hours of sulking, I met my best freind Solly and Sydney at the Jameson party and tried to have a good time. Once again, I learnt, you may not always get what you want, but its about making the most of it… And I made the most of it and got horribly drunk… Well not drunk, but sick later that night. I found myself puking in the car park in Rosebank and again at home… (Not a good look for someone in Cheetah Pants.) — Okay, so that was not a good example of making the most of it, but I guess I lost the Lemonade recipe, so I used the lemon to down tequilla shots.

I guess its simply impossible to have a great week, but it is important to rather remember the better over the pap stuff. So as I type this, with Jazz-E Sundays (on Trans Africa Radio) playing in the back ground, I feel like sharing my few words of wisdom… Well, no wise words actually, but rather just sharing some of my personal thoughts. I doubt this will have an impact on you or the social pages, but if anything, please help me with my crush situation…


3 thoughts on “Personal Blog…

  1. Well Mika I can’t help u with your crush situtation (I’m horrible with matters of the heart advise), but I will say this though, you’re a great person and whichever fish u manage to catch from this very huge sea, he will be very lucky; and I hope he will realize that.

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