The launch of the new Häagen-Dazs in Melrose Arch…

Last week I went to the launch of the new Häagen-Dazs in Melrose Arch. Not only were the launching the new store, situated next to the hotel, they were launching the new coconut flavour.

To be honest, the rain ruined the evening. The guest list wasn’t that impressive, with only a few celebs in sight.

Well known Fashion designer, Gert Johan was there. He has become a regular to Melrose Arch, as he launches his “ready to wear” range at Edgars in Melrose Arch.

94.7 DJ, LeeRoy was there with his good friend and intern of Heat magazine, El… Apparently LeeRoy made the top 10 in CLEO Magazines sexiest Bachelors…

Hypress aka Melanie Ramjee must have been craving some ice cream…

Silly guy, Trevor came as we were leaving… Event started at 18:30. he arrived at 20:00… He is paranoid that I only take pictures of his pipi… #SideEye Trev, does it look like I was aiming at your tiny pipi…? lol…

V-Entertainment were also there…
They did a quick interview with me… You can watch it on their site… (Click here)


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