Dear readers,

I have been entered into a great competition put together by Ford and Ford Focus. The competition is called #FocusMyFunds.

They have selected four top bloggers and we all need to try raise as much money for our own charity of choice. We will have 8 hours, R100 and a Ford Focus…

My charity is SOHACA (Soweto HIV/AIDS Counsellors Association) They are one of the very few organizations in Johannesburg that deal with everything from victims of corrective rape, to educating and counseling young gay and lesbian students. They also offer HIV/ AIDS treatments.

I will be selling raffle tickets at R5 a ticket.

Each person who buys a ticket will be blogged. The more you donate the more of a presence you will have on MikaStefano.com. (So look at it as a marketing tool)
Get your business, club or group of friends to all buy tickets…

If you would like to donate or buy a ticket, contact Mika Stefano on mikastefano@gmail.com or on Twitter @MikaStefano.

He will then plan a journey, where he will visit you on Wednesday 23rd November to collect your donation and snap a picture of you (so make sure you look pretty)

Your support will be much appreciated…

Mika Stefano

3 thoughts on “#FocusMyFunds

  1. First I want to make my views known. I am a Christian first and human next.
    My heart aches to know that there is such a thing as corrective rape, its disgusting.
    No matter how much God dissagrees(enough to burn sodom) with homosexuality, does not consent to raping of others.

    Everyone deserves help no matter what. Just because I dont appreciate homosexuality does not mean I should shun anyone calling for my help.

    I have my last R100 buck for now. Will have more later in the week but it will be too late.
    I can spare five bucks.
    Where do I send it?

  2. Scientists on Monday reported failure in a large African trial of three different ways to protect women against H.I.V.The failure was due not to the methods — two different pills and a vaginal gel — but to the fact that the women did not use them consistently.Adherence among the women in the study was “very low,” a researcher from the University of Washington said at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Atlanta, where the results were presented. `

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