Nonhle Thema

What the doctors have to say about Nonhle Thema

So we all think Nonhle is crazzzy…

Well I spoke to a doctor friend of mine and this is what he had to say.

Doc.2k: There is nothing wrong with Nonhle Thema, from what I have read, we can be assured she is not unstable or anything… I figure this is all part of her marketing stratergy. To make her more popular (which it has) and also to ensure she remains relevant. Her twitter followers have grown exponentially since she went “psycho”. She is now news worthy again. More so then before…

I then asked the doctor for a second opinion, because, thats what you should do, when you doubt the first opinion.

Doctor Maps: Nonhle Thema got dumped by BLACK LIKE ME and by her boyfriend in the same week. Apparently some of the Black Like Me relaxer she used seeped into her skull and burnt the part of her brain that is responsible for humility and common sense.

I’m going with the second opinion… Altho I think the doctor meant Dark and Lovely… (Nonhle is only one of the two…)

4 thoughts on “What the doctors have to say about Nonhle Thema

  1. Second opinion 4me aswell & I’d suggest with the monies she got 4rm “BLACK LIKE ME” she should enrol her self in 1 of the “CHARM SCHOOLS” around uhmm…. Aah man shes got money, Im sure she’ll find it sumewhere close by, maybe…Chicago? & spare us the diva wanna be draamma!

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