The Winners at the SA STYLE AWARDS

Besides the fact I had my radio show on, when they hosted the SA STYLE Awards, I also didnt crack an invite…lol…

However, it looks like I didnt miss a thing…

If anyone is interested, Below are the winners.(and my comments in pink)

Well done to Pabi Moloi who won most stylish celeb overall… Well done… (Think Bonang would have been a close second…)

Most Innovative Style winner: Hlelo and Ntando Masina;
 —Most innovative? Is that an insult or a compliment?

Most Stylish Performing Artist winner: Tarina Patel;
— Googles Tarina? Who is that? 

Most Stylish TV Personality winner: Pabi Moloi;
— Shine Shine! Well done!

Most Stylish Model winner: Shashi Naidoo;
— Who else was there?

Most Stylish Designer joint winners: Gert Johan Cotzee & Danica Lepen;
— Okay, reserves comment…

Most Stylish Media Personality winner: Bonang Matheba;
— Agreed!

Most Stylish Couple winners: Sonia & Mathew Booth;
— Really? Maybe Mattew, but Sonia? I have seen her in some horrid outfits.

Yes, I see how Sonia was nominated… SIDE EYE!!

Most Stylish Business Person winner: Justin Rhodes.
— Okay?

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