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Behind the scenes of Giggs Supertar and Mario’s music video

I was thrilled to be invited t the shoot of SAY YES, a song we debuted on HomoNoHomo a few weeks back. A funky house track by Giggs Superstar and Durban based, Mario Ogle.
I was even more thrilled when they asked me to play the main papparazzi… (Hope I nailed it) Havent acted in a while…
The video had a whole bunch of cool people as cameo’s.

One of the coolest had to be RJ Benjemin. He spent most of the afternoon chatting to the young song bird, Mario. Mario was so thrilled to havespoken to RJ that he took to twitter to tweet his excitment. RJ Benjemin told me that he is planning on dropping an album in Feb… Only catch is they releasing it in France… But dont worry, I begged him to give me a copy, and he said yes… So I will leak it and we can all have it and then he could have “sold” 50000 copies..

DJ Switch also made a cameo. Apparently he had just come from another video for a Nigerian artist… Can you say “VIDEO HO”…lol… Talking about Video, he is recording his video for his track this week… (Will give you the scoop… then)


Metro FM’s SPHEctacular is also in the video. Its hard to believe this guy is 31. He just got a fresh new hair cut. I wonder if it was for the video or for the Metro FM Breakfast… All I know is I will be on his Cape Town yatch party this December… Gonna be awesome!

Zola and Mo, Craze presenters also came through…

Merlene also had a cameo in the video… (If you dont know who she is, et me brief you. She is one of the top make up artists around…)

And the star of the video was the newest prettiest thing I have ever seen, Charnay. She plays the sexy girl in the video and gosh! Is she sexy or what…
Cant wait to see the video…


2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of Giggs Supertar and Mario’s music video

  1. Hot song! Cant wait to see da vid.
    Giggs wife is hotter than the model tho, she shudv played da leading lady. #JustSaying

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