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Lungelo takes his last sip….

Well known producer and singer Lungelo was spotted at Trevor’s birthday weekend drinking up a storm. The first leg of Trevor’s birthday kicked off at Zar in Johannesburg.
However, when the bill arrived, he didnt have money to pay…
He was drinking with Afro Pop singer MXO. Yet neither could afford to pay for their bubbly… But according to sources, MXO contributed R700 to the bill. But Lungelo couldnt cough up… Shame…
Apparently Kenny said he can pay it off… And DJ Sbu refused to pay. He said, Lungelo is a big boy and he needs to look after himself…

But on a brighter note, have you seen how hot and buff Lungelo is looking… God Dam…


One thought on “Lungelo takes his last sip….

  1. I would be so happy if he’s drinking coz he gt dumped or sumthin….now that would be christmas all over for me. Hook me up Stefano:)

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