Blayze’s Badly Organised Birthday

New producer and rapper, Blayze celebrated his birthday at Latinova on Friday. Now I arrived with Sazi after dinner at 23:00 and the doors were still not open. However, because I am MikaStefano, I was allowed in, only to find an empty club and people still doing sound checks. At 23:00… SMH!

Anyways, Blayze welcomed guests to Latinova. He tried to be the best host, under the circumstance’s…

C-Ga came through for 40 minutes and bounced… His girlfriend, Kiki stayed behind… Apparently C-Ga needed an early night so he could set up for his pool party.Bit bummed I missed it… Oh Well!!!

YFM DJ, Warras was on the decks. He was filming for his new reality show… Well not his show, but his is the first of a series of shows. Part of a season called, “WEEKEND WITH”. The show hasnt been approved, so dont get to excited, but it could be worth watching…

Warras has been in gym, boys body is banging… If you bump into him, be sure to give him a tight hug…

YFM’s Eda Rose needed me to help her sneak in… Have you ever…
Once in, she partied in the VIP area… Cute.

DJ Dimples looked hot (as in sweaty)… Must have had a few gigs before Latinova.

SK & Mzee form Trans Africa Radio and Channel O were showing love to their friend Blayze.

Shorty N from Trans Africa was also there…

Another Trans Africa Radio DJ, Mbali was wearing a yellow pencil mini. Was also her birthday weekend.

Lady Zee was there… Mara, this girl amuses me. She has BEEN saying she is dropping an album for two years. I even dropped a track sooner then she did.

Boity was the host of the party… Need to find out how she became the newest “IT” girl…
Boity’s “on again, off again” boyfriend, Khaya Dlanga was there. Are they back together…? (someone said he looks like a Gummi Bear on Krack….) #DeathUp and coming hip hop singer Dellz was also there. I think this boy is so cute… What du think?

Overall, it was an okay party.
Was just another night at Latinova to be honest…

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