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Spotted at the opening of State of Violence

On Wednesday evening I attended the opening of the new South African film, STATE OF VIOLENCE.
This film by Khalo Matabane opens at cinema’s, nation wide, today.

The opening night was held at the real little venue in town, called THE BIOSCOPE. The event was small, but a few of the actors were there.

I spotted one of the leads, Neo Ntlatleng. I am so proud of my Neo-poo. I went to school with him and he is fast become one of the country’s finest screen actors. Even though his role in the movie isnt huge, he executes it well. I asked him when they filmed the movie, because in the movie he looks thin thin thin.. Not that he is fat now…lol… But….
He was wearing a YGB shirt and an African print peak cap…

I didn’t know what to expect, but to be honest with you, I enjoyed the movie.
Im not Barry Hilton, so I am not gonna reviw the movie, but I suggest you go watch it. Its nice to see a local thriller on our screens.

GQ’s best dressed man finalist was there… Yes, the above guy is in the list of GQ’s best dressed men… I wonder what I am doing wrong…?

Bianca Miles welcomed everyone and looked stylish in a deep red pencil skirt.

Watch the trailer below and if it appeals to you, go out and watch it!


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