A quick chat with the host of the Channel O Awards, Dineo Moeketsi

So we all know the sexy new addition to Channel O will be hosting the Channel O Awards. With just two weeks to go to one of the biggest music events in Africa, I decided to catch up with Dineo Moeketsi to find out how she is feeling about the whole event, what she’s up to with O Access and more about Nonhle Thema…

MikaStefan0: This is your second season, what can we expect?

Dineo Moeketsi: Well this season we kick off our shoes, let down our hair and have some fun but still keeping to the format with a few surprises along the way. It’s colourful, vibrant and makes a statement.

MikaStefano: Interviewing international celebs is your thing, if you could interview and chill with any African celeb, who would it be and why?

Dineo Moeketsi: I really like D’banj, Ice Prince and Banky W simply because they’ve done an amazing job of crossing over but still sticking to their roots.

MikaStefano: The Awards? You and Banky W. What can we expect? Have you done anything with him before? Perhaps you do a colab performance with him, I mean you can sing… (I can see it now:))

Dineo Moeketsi: Well when it comes to the awards expect the unexpected, everything that an African Award show has never been and to be entertained to your hearts content. As for me and Banky doing a collabo, only God knows… hahaha

MikaStefano: Who is dressing you for the awards?

Dineo Moeketsi: Gert-Johan Coetzee is dressing me for the awards.

MikaStefano: What do you suggest ladies wear to the awards?

Dineo Moeketsi: I suggest the ladies allow themselves to experiment quite a bit, dresses are wonderful but try lean towards balancing masculine and feminine, turn up the sexy but keep it couture!

MikaStefano: I think I will do the same. A balance between masculine and feminine.
Dineo Moeketsi: You do you babe…
MikaStefano: Your thoughts on Nonhle Thema?

Dineo Moeketsi: I don’t have any.

MikaStefano:  Is Dineo in a relationship?

Dineo Moeketsi: Who knows?!

MikaStefano:  What is your fav African song currently (South African or African, its the same)

Dineo Moeketsi:  My favourite local tracks are Khuli Chana’s Freshe and Mi Casa’s La Vida.

MikaStefano: I love Mi Casa…
Who do you think will strike it lucky on awards evening?

Dineo Moeketsi: I think Zakes Bantwini, Ice Prince, Khuli Chana and A.K.A might.

MikaStefano: Who should we keep our eyes on (underground talent). In your opinion, who’s the next big thing?

Dineo Moeketsi: Mark my words, believe me when I say this: Mi Casa, Kabomo and The Fridge are going to blow South Africa actually Africa away. Remember I said it first.

MikaStefano: Nah, I said MiCasa 8 months ago.

Dineo Moeketsi: Okay… Fine…lol…

MikaStefano: What do people overseas say about South Africa?

Dineo Moeketsi: They wonder about our accents and history although they don’t treat it like we’re a foreign jungle anymore. They’re just inquisitive.

MikaStefano: What’s one thing people don’t know about you? You have to share something juicy.

Dineo Moeketsi: I recently had a crush on a S.A muso but soon got over it.

MikaStefano: Talk… Talk…

Dineo Moeketsi: Lips are sealed… Padlock…

MikaStefano: Anything you would like to add or say to your fans? How can they contact you?

Dineo Moeketsi: I appreciate the support and appreciation for my work, it means so much to me. I love them all for it. Keep up with me on twitter @therealdineo and don’t be afraid to say wassup!

I wish Dineo the best of luck…
Cant wait till the 11th November.


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