High Tea with Joan Ramagoshi

I was thrilled to be invited to this exclusive event hosted by the lovely Joan Ramagoshi. The event was in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness month and Joan encouraged her guests to all wear pink… Now as much as I love Joan, I dont do dress codes, so I arrived all in black…lol… But my personality was pink enough… The event was held at the lovely SanDeck in Sandton… Joan wore a pink number designed by the ever so popular Gavin Rajah… and it looked gorgeous on her…

So after welcoming everyone, Joan and the ladies were taught by CANCA on how to look for symptoms and signs of breast cancer…

Sonia Reciti (former Miss SA) and Thami Ngubeni following the instructions… I should have joined them, I swear my boobies are bigger then Thami’s. Good thing Pam Andrews wasnt there…

Sonia Reciti, Joan Ramagoshi and Thami Ngubeni looking pretty in pink. Joan looks simply amazing, glowing…

Flash’s newest addition, Roxy Burger looked gorgeous. So excited about TV Plus doing a reality styled article on her… “THE DAY IN THE LIFE OF ROXY BURGER”…
Uyand Mbuli was there. She was upset about a minor accident she had with her Porsche. A scratch on the bonnet… Not cool. Hau, sisi, I dont mind taking your Porsche for a spin, even if its covered in scratches… Its still a Porsche.

The lovely Lorna was like me and declined the idea of dressing up and arrived in khaki… Still, she looked lovely. And her nails were pink.
So proud of her, she is shooting for the cover of SHAPE Magazine next week… She lifted her top (NoHetro) and this girl has a banging body… She seems chubby, but under that Khaki overall, she is a petite little bombshell.

Funny thing, is, this girl knows she is shooting the cover of SHAPE, yet she still tucked away these tasty treats… Lucky bitch. Guess she was rubbing it in. Yes, I need to diet… :p

Over all, it was a lovely chilled event and it was for a good cause. Nice when influential people do something to create a change and raise awareness…


2 thoughts on “High Tea with Joan Ramagoshi

  1. thank to all the people who are involved in this.. now we all know that we must take care of our selves lady were beautiful n pink is great on them. mika to u i wanna tell u thank for the scoop i felt like i was there and you look good in your own colours black is nice on you my dear

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