Iced coffee with J’Something of Mi Casa

I caught up with my good friend and lead singer of the new hit group, Mi Casa for a quick iced coffee and a chat. J’Something as he is known, has to be one of the most “down to earth” guys in the entertainment industry. We grabbed an ice coffee to cool us down as this weather is blazing. But it is not the only thing that is blazing, Mi Casa’s debut album is a scorcher. Only on the CD shelves for two months and it is already a firm favorite and has just been nominated for 5 Metro FM Awards.
Now to be honest with you, I remember hearing about Mi Casa 7 months ago, and back then I knew they were gonna be the next best thing…
Remember this?

And now look…
Anyways as we enjoyed our Iced Coffee’s, this is what was said at the “interview”

MikaStefano: Who is J’Something and who and what is Mi Casa

J’Something: J’Something is a singer and songrwriter. The name comes from my real name, Joao, which most people cant pronounce so it has become J’Something or other… Mi Casa is a soulful house trio made up of myself, J’Something, Mo-T, and Dr.Duda. We are Soul Candi’s first live act, a house band, as we like to call it.

MikaStefano: Why should people grab a copy of Mi Casa’s debut album?

J’Something: Well firstly because its a great album

MikaStefano: Hahahaha, that it is…

J’Something: Nah, I dont say this in an arrogant way, but there really are some great tracks on the album. I think thats the most important reason as to why one should buy the album.
Secondly, its something very fresh and different to what we are accustomed to. Its not your normal house groove, its infused with a lot more aspects. Each song is also a story. Written creatively and with a storyline in each song.
Thirdly, the artwork is great.
Fourthly, its a local product 🙂
Fifth reason as to why one should grab a copy of our album is because you are helping us build this ‘casa’ that we call Mi Casa and we are so thankful!

MikaStefano: MiCasa, Su Casa

J’Something: Yes… (sips on iced coffee)

MikaStefano: So, why no collaborations?

J’Something: Well initially we really wanted to collab with some great talent that we have in the country. BUT, then we thought about it and because it was our debut album and we were introducing something to the market we really wanted to show what we could do as a trio and allow people to see what we could do ourselves before using and riding off other great talent in order to get peoples attention. Thankfully people have embraced that so warmly and now the next album awaits some great collaborations.

MikaStefano: If you could colab with any local artist, who would it be and why?

J’Something: We would love to work with the likes of Zonke, HHP, Big Nuz, and many others.

MikaStefano:  RJ Benjemin

J’Something: Wow, what a legend. Really sad his career is coming to an end but I think he is an amazing musician. Someone that I know personally and have worked with him and continue to do so.

MikaStefano: (sips on straw…) Hmmmmm…

J’Something: Some people compare me too him, which I guess is normal taking into consideration that he is a white guy and I am a white guy. And we both do soul/house music. But, I think that’s as far as the comparison could go.

MikaStefano: What can we look forward to in the next few months?

J’Something: Well hopefully we will be holding one or two awards from the Metro FM Awards 🙂

MikaStefano: I have already voted…

J’Something: Thank you Mika. Also we have some great shows lined up. We have our “Nominations Celebrations” party happening on the weekend of the 11th of November. And I want to see you there… We kick it off on the 11th in Tembisa at Caprivi then Saturday we in Pretoria at Jack Bhudda and on Sunday we at Joe’s Butcher.

MikaStefano: Sunday sounds great! Will come after our radio show. I have never been to Joe’s Butcher.

J’Something: Its gonna be great. We are celebrating our 5 nominations for the Metros. Also expect us to be coming out of nowhere with some surprise performances 🙂

MikaStefano: Anything you would like to add or say to your fans?

J’Something: Thank you so much for supporting us. We are truly walking in the footsteps of our dreams. Mi Casa is definitely Your Casa too!

Follow Mi Casa on twitter @MiCasaMusic, Facebook – MiCasaMusic, and check out their cool website,

This is their music video for their debut single, THESE STREETS and is nominated for best video at the Metro FM Awards.

Dont forget to vote for Mi Casa for the Metro FM Awards


7 thoughts on “Iced coffee with J’Something of Mi Casa

  1. Well done, I’m stil voting hey goodluck trio. As for Sunday kwa joe’s butchery its a date lol. Love your band love your music. I have never ever bought a house album cause I don’t like everything in it but mi casa became my exeption. Good work guys keep rocking SA

  2. i agree with you Mika these guys have made me fall inlove with house music also,love them, love them, L.O.V.E them

  3. damn Mi Casa rocks listening to their full album right now dr. Duda Mo-T and joao/j’something ya’ll rock big-ups. Almost Soul Candi is really doing it

  4. I’m so inlove wit Mi casa s music even him really….lol Mi casa J something ill support u all the way everywhere and ill buy ur CD’s.

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