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Nonhle’s new man…

Meet Nonhle’s new man, Young Nucho. He is part of a new hip hop crew called Sleek Note.

She was spotted with him at her Birthday Party. Apparently they have been “kicking it” for a while…
Bit surprised, cause she tweeted her new man is older then her. But Young Nucho is only 20 and Nonhle Thema celebrated her 30th Birthday this past weekend.
Either way they seem happy together, perhaps he will help tame her and school her…
Either way, props to him for “nutting” Nonhle Thema…


21 thoughts on “Nonhle’s new man…

  1. Oh hapi 4 nonhle wen thngs simd nt 2 workn huntin ne-yo u wer stl determind 2 go as far as gettn urclf a lil wayne look alike oh congrats!

  2. lol man why you Faking lil wayne, cnt you jst hv your own image…(speaking frm tha track “go hard”). . .are gona be able to handle that heavy weight?? Dnt answer that coz we already knw the answer. Geez man…be on ur own grizzy!

  3. Oh pls that nUcho guy is such a hoe!! Nonhle needs 2 get a guy her age that will slap the hell outta her! I hatE nucho nd his kak crew mxm #wannabes

  4. You know whats worse…. its that he doesnt deny being lil wayne when people think its him. he walks around with like four body guards like he be Weezy. shame coz lil wayne fans are getting duped thinking they are with Dwayne Carter when back at the ranch its an imposter!

    i guess Nonhle has never been genuine, why start now. fake ish.

  5. I aint gon say much but Łђ‎αł nucho kid °̩ƨ a swagger jacker,I mean he should be himself rolling with a chick like Nonhle

  6. lol dzaimm sh$t is happenin out ther…. gota sae biguppz 2 weezy-shade( Ynucho) 4 hittn it up wit NT…..BUT….ya’ll, i dnt knw wat da dude was thinkin getin himself into some crawzyy sh$t like that….@ Nonhle…itz tym u acknowldgd u a grown up now and started actin like one…watz wit da child abuse?….shud cum 4 niggaz ur type…##sight##….

  7. lol he sucks………….cmon boy y tryna be lil wayne while u were gonna be sumtn new in tha hip hop industry.

  8. Dude i think youre look good by swagg style man i suuport youn nucho da thing youn look like Lil wayne but youre not him

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