Mika Stefano

My day as a Fireman

A few weeks a go I was invited by Centrum to train with the South African fire department. At first I was a bit scared, but when I saw the other 3 celebs I was going to be training with, I was like HELL YES!!!

TV personality Graeame Richards, surfer turned model Stephen Friedman and Lunga Shabalala.

We met early in the morning at the head offices of Centrum. They happen to be in the same offices as Viagra, but I had no problem getting a hard on, with these delicious boys around me…
To be honest, it was terribly awkward when I first saw Lunga… The two of us have not spoken since ……. (#thatawkwardmomentwhen)

But we put our ego’s aside (that was a big part of the challenge) and we headed off to the deep south to train with the SA Fire department.
We were delivered to the head camp. Apparently firemen from all across Africa come to this camp to train… So it was the real macoy…

After a brief introduction by the captain general and his team, we were asked to change (in an open air change room, I nearly died…)
Now to be honest with you, It took almost 20 minutes to get dressed. The boots were just as heavy as my old Spice Girl shoes. The jacket was heavy and the gloves kept falling off… But as Tyra said, you need to rock whatever you get given to wear… And I felt twice as threatened, being surrounded by these sexy male models in fireman gear.
I looked around at the real firemen, and none were sexy like they are in the movies… these were real people who did real people work…
That was when I got scared, because I dont do real… Well, not at that time at least…

Our challenge was to run up a set of stairs, 8 flights, carrying a 20KG hose pipe. When we reach the top we had to hoist a 30KG host pipe up. (this I couldnt do…lol.. Im not used to being onTOP)

We then had to run down the stairs, around a mini obstacle course. We then had to pick up a big hose pipe and spray water on the mark (I hit the mark first time) and then we had to drag a 80KG dummy… Lord knows I felt like the dummy, when I kicked the dummy and said “Get up you bastard”

Sounds easy, doesnt it?…lol…. Ya right….

Well, after we all went, I was pleased to find out I did not loose…
FHM magazine came last… Shame…

No, that s not Lunga running away from me…lol… That was him doing the challenge…
I got to witness him in action as a Selimathunzi presenter and I must admit, he did a great job.
I think we all did a great job, considering how hard the actual challenge was… But the people who did the best job, were the guardians who we met after the challenge. These are just ordinary people who have done extra ordinary things… They are awarding them next week and I will be sure to keep you in the loop.
So often we take for granted, these “real” people, but if it werent for them we would be in some “real” deep shit…
So I take my glittery hat off for these guys and girls who make a difference in the lives of many…


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