Mika Stefano

Where in the world is Mika Stefano?

Like the silly song that we used to sing back in primary school, “Where in the world is Carmen San Diago” one could sing, in the same tune, “Where in the world is Mika Stefano?”
And that is a good question…

Firstly, I would like to apologize to all my readers of MikaStefano.com.
Between the host domain being down (working on it, my domain contact has gone M.I.A) and my new ventures, I have been terrible with the updating.

I understand a few people’s frustrations, but to be honest, you didn’t expect me to blog silly parties and random events forever? …lol… I was a bit taken back and hurt by a few blogs and tweets that I have received, but it is all good. The least I can do, is owe you an explanation. On my 1,230th blog post, here goes…

As you know, I started a radio show, with a good friend of mine, Saz. Together we go by the name, HomoNoHomo. We were recently at a top internet radio station but within the past two months, we were offered a huge opportunity, that we couldn’t refuse. We were given full creative and managerial control of an old radio station that became dormant. A station with proper radio equipment and a reach across the whole of Africa through the DSTV audio bouquet. So we took the challenge and recently re launched TransAfrica Radio. With a weekend line up of 10 live shows, that all play 80% All African music.

Now, when many people asked me, “Why did I start my blog?” I would always have the same answer. To promote and get people talking about our artists. When I started blogging 4 years ago, there were very few local entertainment blogs. And now you can log onto your web browser and find a long list of entertainment URL’s. I feel, I have succeeded in achieving my goal of creating more hype around our local artists. I mean, if you Google most South African artists, you are bound to find a relating article on the Mika Stefano blog.

Perhaps, I was wrong for labeling my site as a gossip site, because, gossip is such a dirty word. I feel it was and has become more of a local entertainment website. A site where I can share local stories that appeal to me, Mika Stefano. Stories like the Uyanda Mbuli, Gert Johan split. A place where I can have interviews with young models like Lunga Shabalala and be a part of the launch of their careers. A place where I can exclusively leak music from groups like MiCasa, Parlotones and KoldproduK. A place where I can review what I see at CD launches and what appeals to me… A place where I can talk about local entertainment news. And that is the reason why I don’t have fellow bloggers writing for MikaStefano.com, because at the end of the day, it is MikaStefano’s blog, not another gossip blog.

The next step was to move into radio and continue something I am passionate about, but in a different area. It feels like I have gone back to basics, but it has been so well worth it. I am now involved in one of the only music stations that plays over 80% All African music.

To be honest, I have missed blogging, but I have just been so busy with TransAfrica Radio and HomoNoHomo that it has been a relief…lol…

I will continue to run the blog, but it will now take a more personal stance.
In addition to blogging on the http://www.homonohomosa.com website
And co hosting my own show, HomoNoHomo on Trans Africa every Sunday, 17:00 – 20:00
As well as continue a few TV projects I am working on…

It has been an emotional roller coaster, but it has been well worth the bumpy ride…
Thank you for allowing me to grow, your support is much appreciated.

Lotes of Love,


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