Euphonik say’s F.eU too Mika Stefano…

So I caught up with the super cool Euphonik to chat about his new CD,
F.eU Too

Now I am not a fan of house music, but somehow, Euphonik and Fresh know exactly what buttons to press to get my frequency to peak… (DJ Talk)

MikaStefano: Double Disk? Explain?
Euphonik: Well is our second album and we wanted to do something different. The gist of it is that “In the studio” is stuff we made ourselves and “in the club” is licenses from other producers. Both albums live separately and its also us moving away from the 100% compilation market and making our own music. Also we would drop 2 Cds on 1 day because we can and it gives our fan base the option of picking the album that suits them.
MikaStefano: Who do you feature on the album’s? Any exciting features?
Euphonik:We feature the likes of Slikour, Lyod from idols, Leanne who has just been nominated for a SAMA, Chris Sen, and the boys from Binaar Records. The album is us experimenting with what works and doesn’t work so we are a little edgy about it and we went far left of our usual comfort zones. The Julius Malema remix should be an interesting one though.
MikaStefano: What is the current single?
Euphonik: We always let the people decide what track they want. I don’t believe music should be forced down peoples throat. Rather you should see their response and base all marketing around the people. We on the other hand like the Kings of Tomorrow – Take me back, F.eU Ft. Slikour & Loyd – Louder and Fresh’s remix of the The Arrows – Love sick.
MikaStefano: Wow, with the Slikour? Do you know I performed with Slikour?
Euphonik: We all know you performed with Slikour…lol…
MikaStefano: When you play at clubs, do you play with Fresh (like Twins On Decks) or do you have your own sets?
Euphonik: We play back to back. Where and when possible we have a percussionist and a trumpeter. F.eU sets are more than just about the music, you must come experience one of our events. We are at Vacca Matta on the first Saturday of every month.
MikaStefano: What is your current favorite song off the album?
Euphonik: Honestly, all the songs are special to us. That’s why we made sure there was enough love put into both discs.
MikaStefano: That sounds like a Miss Universe answer…lol… Why should people get a copy?
Euphonik: Well if you don’t want to get the album then F.eU!!!
Well I got myself a copy, and will be doing a review soon on… Either way, you should get a copy…

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