Jamali’s Toxic Candy Launch

Last Thursday South African pop group, Jamali launched their 4th CD titled Toxic Candy
They have up’d there good girl image and had the sexiest dancers performing with them. They were accompanied by a full band.

Gert, who is Jamali’s personal Fashion dresser, is the guy who is responsible for their new edgy look. He has been so busy with preperations for SA Fashion Week, but he said he had to find time to be at the launch of Jamali’s 4th album.
Carmel who recently won Ms Diva Divine was also there… Jamali are also sponsored by Diva Divine.  But I doubt that was the reason why carmel was there… She said she has loved Jamali’s work and is happy to see them still going strong….

Well, I just got a copy of the CD and I honestly cant wait to hear if their visual image matches their latest music. They have some awesome colabs, with JR , Pro and even the Soweto Gospel Choir.


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