Celebrity Sundowner Session

Once again WONTED is at it!!!!! It’s the  ‘Celebrity Sundowner Session’, a once a month Wonted feature where you the reader gets to WIN WIN WIN.

Wonted is offering you and a friend the ‘SUNDOWNERS SESSION’ of a lifetime. YOU get to chill session with 5 of Jozi’s hottest movers and shakers at the moment.

You will get to MEET, hang out, SHARE your thoughts, ASK questions, DANCE on the table (ok kidding) but pretty much get to know these 5 celebrities at the SUNDOWNERS SESSION.

Taking place at the much talked about Liquid Chefs in Rosebank on Thursday 31st March.

The panel this month is:

CLAIRE MAWISA the gorgeous television presenter, model and radio personality with a superb personality. We all cannot get enough of her. Gorgeous and intelligent, that’s what she is a a lot more!

WARRAS, YFM’s Prime Time show 12-3pm. Very funny, opinionated and intelligent dude who is also one of the most outstanding club DJs. Never a dull moment when you with him.

STEVEL MARC, One of the country’s most loved male models. In just a short space of time, he has worked on over 10 major campaigns and emceed lots of major events. His charisma is on point, and the girls love him!

Pearl Modiadie, TV presenter and YFM DJ. She also produces some of the TV shows she appears on. This young lady has done what many of her peers couldn’t. Very inspirational she is.

Mika Stefano, One of South Africa’s top celebrity bloggers. In just a short space of time, he has got a major following with his blog sky-rocketing him into fame. There is a lot about gossip and writing to be learned from Mika.


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