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Playboy SA, how wack…

One of the few events I was excited about last week, was the launch of PLAYBOY SA.

You may be wondering why Mika Stefano would be interested in a naked ladies in a glossy magazine… Well, with the growth of TV Reality stars like Kendra and Holly, how could one not fall in love with the Playboy movement…

I was thrilled to hear that South Africa will be turning up the notch and will introduce this risky glossy sex magazine to our boring magazine shelves…
Names of South African celebs ran through my mind, so many different names, except for Tracy McGregor…
Well, to be honest, its a nice cover, but I dont see anything that makes it any different to Playboy USA or Playboy anywhere else?

I caught up with the lovely Tracy McGregor and this is what she had to say…

I found it weird that South Africa would launch Playboy SA and not have an African woman on the cover… I’m not saying Tracy is not African, all I’m saying is, I am sure they could have found a black model to grace the first issue of Playboy SA…
I had a chat to the little bunnies, who resembled a bad Easter promotion at Eastgate, and asked them a few questions. One question in particular was, “Why is there no African woman on the cover?”
It was a funny response, and well worth the watch…
I must say, Natalie (the girl who saved Zodwa’s asse), should be hired as the PRO for Playboy SA. The other bunnies should start their Easter hunt and get their bums back to school…

The launch has to be THE WORST launch I went to… Okay, in all honesty, I arrived a bit late, however, I doubt it could have been any better…

When I think of Playboy Magazine launch, I thought of a mansion in Sandton, with womanly strippers and sushi all over, not a random “joll” next to Billy the Bums… The directions were the worst… “Where is it?” “Behind Monte… Not Even in Monte…”
To top it off, I found out Hush wanted to host the launch, but Playboy decided on Pineslopes Mall… Ya, all I can say, is EPIC FAIL

I hope Playboy read this, and decide to relaunch, and hire a proper events coordinator and PR team… (I can recommend a few…)


4 thoughts on “Playboy SA, how wack…

  1. What’s a gay guy doing at a Playboy launch? Much less conducting interviews at a Playboy launch? That’s akin to a vegetarian attending the opening of a Spur steak ranch. Valid question regarding the first Playmate not being African. As beautiful as Amy is, I think it would have been appropriate (and a progressive gesture) to crown a black woman as SA’s first Playmate of the Month. As far as I know, in the USA Hugh Hefner selects all the Playmates of the Month who feature in Playboy. Maybe he holds the same tyrannical authority in South Africa.

  2. this magazine is NOT about spotlighting or developing the SA adult entertainment idustry, its just putting the words “South Africa” on an america publication to try generate better sales in RSA.
    it wont be long until there absolutely NOTHING sout africa about that mag

  3. welll said, i also expected an african woman to be on the first cover since, im not on a racist tip, its just that well, it is south Africa #Nuffsed

  4. having a magazine launch at ‘billy the bums’ sets the stage for a rubbish magazine…Tracy McGregor is such a cliche. If they had a curvy African woman on the cover that would be pushing the envelope and being PROGRESSIVE…no originality here. Just the usual carbon copy!

    Truly Wack Mika!

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