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Introducing the SEXY Shaun Walker…

You may be asking yourself, who is Shaun Walker
Well, if you are a Beyonce fan like I am, you will remember him as the sexy male dancer in the VIDEO PHONE music video. He also was one of the four back up dancers in Beyonce’s world tour.
This sexy hunk, is more than just a dancer, he is also releasing his own solo project…
I caught up with him, to find out more about him and when he will be coming to South Africa… (crosses fingers)

Mika Stefano: Who is Shaun Walker
Shaun Walker: Shaun Walker is a very motivated, determined, focused, and persistent individual. Once I set my mind to do something I do it and there’s no turning back for me. I also tend to be a goofball at times, because I try to remind myself not to take life so seriously. You have more fun that way

Mika Stefano: Why should we know you in South Africa
Shaun Walker: Cause they know me in America lol

Mika Stefano: How old are you?
Shaun Walker: Old enough to drink and drive, but guy’s please don’t do it!!! I feel like people ask u that to define u, so for that very reason I’m not going to answer that. But support me and follow my progress…I’d love for you all to get to know me more.

Mika Stefano: Are you classically trained in dancing?
Shaun Walker: NOMika Stefano: What music video’s have you danced in?
Shaun Walker: Michelle Williams, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Lopez, Tiwa Savage, Keri Hilson, and for more you can go to my website

Mika Stefano: You have toured with Beyonce, can you tell us about this? How was it touring with Beyonce? How were the auditions? Where did you travel to?
Shaun Walker: Life changing…We definitely were treated very well and stayed in some of the nicest hotels. The auditions weren’t easy. U really earned your spot on tour. Between callbacks, being put on avail, and the waiting process in general…getting booked for it was a bit exhausting. We touched 6 continents and over 30 countries. It was such a surreal experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

Mika Stefano: You have a good body, what gym routines do you do to keep in shape?
Shaun Walker:Well thank you!
Mika Stefano: No, Thank YOU
Shaun Walker: I do a lot of strengthening and my own body weight exercises. I don’t want to bulk up, so I don’t do a lot of heavy weights. More so I do medium weight and more reps…that way I can keep my musclular figure and still dance.

Mika Stefano: You are currently going solo? Tell me more about this?
Shaun Walker: I’ve always been solo. Dance was a second love of mine and it’s time for me to share my first love with the world. Shaun Walker is the dancer and I am KREÅSHAUN

Mika Stefano: Any plans in coming to South Africa?
Shaun Walker: YES…I have a love for Africa and it would be an honor to be invited
Mika Stefano: Well, Shaun, consider this your invite…
Hahaha… #RealTalk

Well, Shaun just released his new music video and this is it… Ladies, (and fella’s) you may want to sit down for this one…


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