No comment, for your comment…

This comment was posted on an earlier story called, Lunga Shabalala is the new Selimathunzi presenter
WOW! I have no comment for this comment…

lol…hahahaha .. Like im sooo laughing my ass off right now. K..let me lay it out for all you misinformed people….

Its cool mika u dont really have to secretly campaign for the boy as its a free country…(and im assuming you know that since you proudly gay).
#1 There were a lot of guys who auditioned in johannesburg i for one having being part of the runner crew,i can say the judges saw a whole lot of talented people-with real talent than just a reputation of jumping 4rm newspaper editors bed to a tv producers(probably)

#2 The kid might really be sleeping*clears throat* …or dying to get his ass on tv but honestly,my bowl of fish salad would be more talented than the boy who fails to even hold a decent conversation on the weather

#3 Although he might have a killer body, i think it would really cool(and respectful of us fans of the show which had alredi lost is lusture) if they really kept him scantly clad in some pink magazine were he belongs

#4 I thank u mika….for being mika cos now we will really know(whats the actual link between the shows producer JOE and this lad if he really “wins the search” *anxiously dialling indepandant auditors kpmg to monitor voting lines*

ps: i will b on standby to campaign against him being on the show if this “prediction” turns out to be true..this boy is just plain dull,boring nd misinformed. Someone please make him a menequen at pep…..


5 thoughts on “No comment, for your comment…

  1. tjo!

    but he’s sooooo cute though. *got my tail between my legs on his behalf…. proceeding to go find a hiding place*

    But before i do that! need to say that this is TV. not radio.Talent. Shmalent. he doesn need to speak in a way that can melt your clothes off or carry much of a convo for that matter. the camera’s can start rolling and have him say “cheese!” and he’ll have a mass of girls (and guys *side-eying Mika*) glued to their screens every episode AND catching the repeat in the AM, with some of the very same ppl making sure its on pvr to drool over at their own leisure.

    Truth is, with a face like that he could be stutterer who slurs with a slight twitch for all (we)they care. Ok. thats pushing it. the slurring part that is. But the fact is – the boy is foin! and its not like he will have names of the ppl he “encountered” to get where he is tattooed on his chest for all to see while in-front of the camera!
    … Although this, i assure you, will not deter us… i mean – the masses 🙂

    And we *might* get over him in the long-run (as I have with Sizwe on Live. He is hauwt. I could lick him. but i find him to be such a bore! and takes the view of “dancing like a white guy” a lil to serious which is ironic for someone who presents music show(s)) but hopefully by the time the masses snap out of the “hottness-on-tv” hypnosis his(Lunga) presenting skills (or the lack there of) would have jumped on-board.

    So bring on the young delectable Lungsta!

    Well. unless there was someone even foin-er who was at the auditions.

    Was there?

  2. u empiress or whateva your name mybe…u sound like one of those reeeeaaaalllyyy horny f*gs who would campaign 4 even a horse to be on the show , just because it has a di#k, so we not even gona take u seriously. A lot of hot and talented young men auditioned 4 the show and i have to support kgotso on this 1 lunga tshabalala must just tshabalala into his calvin klein underwear nd remain there coz i saw a snippet of his audition. Lets just say his gud with his mouth shut

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