Is Lunga the new Selimathunzi presenter?

Apparently CK model, Lunga Shabalala is set to become the new Selimathunzi presenter.

They are holding auditions over the next few weeks. And they kick off this Saturday n Johannesburg.

This was the brief that went out…

To audition you need to be a guy between the ages of 21 and 25 and be able to speak any of the Nguni languages. When going for the auditions, you need to take your ID book along. The auditions begin in Jozi on Saturday 12 March.
Venue: SABC Henley Studios, Entrance 5, Auckland Park.

Well, I know Lunga looks the part, and he has been itching to get into TV…
But I ask myself… What happened to the studies…?


10 thoughts on “Is Lunga the new Selimathunzi presenter?

  1. lol…hahahaha .. Like im sooo laughing my ass off right now. K..let me lay it out for all you misinformed people….

    Its cool mika u dont really have to secretly campaign for the boy as its a free country…(and im assuming you know that since you proudly gay).
    #1 There were a lot of guys who auditioned in johannesburg i for one having being part of the runner crew,i can say the judges saw a whole lot of talented people-with real talent than just a reputation of jumping 4rm newspaper editors bed to a tv producers(probably)

    #2 The kid might really be sleeping*clears throat* …or dying to get his ass on tv but honestly,my bowl of fish salad would be more talented than the boy who fails to even hold a decent conversation on the weather

    #3 Although he might have a killer body, i think it would really cool(and respectful of us fans of the show which had alredi lost is lusture) if they really kept him scantly clad in some pink magazine were he belongs

    #4 I thank u mika….for being mika cos now we will really know(whats the actual link between the shows producer JOE and this lad if he really “wins the search” *anxiously dialling indepandant auditors kpmg to monitor voting lines*

    ps: i will b on standby to campaign against him being on the show if this “prediction” turns out to be true..this boy is just plain dull,boring nd misinformed. Someone please make him a menequen at pep…..

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  3. Lmao…This is very suprising!Thanks to the internet for making me bump into this dirty piece of writing (don’t have a one Eglish word for it) *don’t forget “I’m proudly Nguni,don’t have to master the bitchy language;P* …was saying “why would these people make predictions while thers still auditions?I mean,thers so many fresh,energetic and talented people out there” In case you were wondering Mfundi;P “I did go to audition & I’m suitable for the positon;P (gotta have dy confidence booikie),but this is purely CHEAP publicity!!

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