Lee-Roy Wright – the singer…

Lee-Roy Wright of ETV Craz-E  fame  and winner of the People Magazine’s Crystal Award for “Best Youth Presenter”, has signed a long term Record and Publishing deal with David Gresham Records and David Gresham Music Publishing.

Lee-Roy is set to start recording material for his debut album scheduled for release late in 2011.

I didnt know he can sing…? Apparently his first single is called “RING THE ALARM”… Now I am a Beyonce fan, so I hope he doesnt try challenge her in anyway… Because, I will have to pic Beyonce, regardless… lol… Just Jokes… As soon as the track is released, it will be here, for you to hear, and you can help me give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down…
I am happy for Lee-Roy, he has proved that hard work pays off. Not only is he a Craze presenter, he also hosts his own show on UJFM and is part of the Ground Patrol on 94.7.
I asked him why singing, and he replied that he loves singing “Its about time we had a new South African singer, who can rock the local pop scene…” – Well, I agree with that… Lets hope Lee-Roy will be just that…

Well Done Lee-Roy…

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