Music / Slikour

Slikour hates to be a drag…

So Mr. Slikour, posted on his site after fashion week that he’d like to dedicate “Im too Sexy” to JFW. He went on to saying that the guys in the music video reminded him of Mika with muscles…


So I caught up with Slikour to find out what he meant by this, and this is what he said he meant…

That’s Slikour being Mika (with muscles..)

Ya ne… Perhaps I should do a Slikour, with muscles? (Love you Slikour…lol…)

Don’t forget to visit Slikour’s site. I must say, I like it a lot. Its a simple blog, but it keeps us up to date with the Ventilator’s movements, thoughts and exclusives…

But you know, all the big exclusives drop on…

I asked Slikour about his latest music video with Tamara Dey and what can we expect, and this is what he had to say….

Can’t wait for the video… I LOVE THE SONG… Hell Yeah!

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