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Cleo Bachelor

So every year CLEO MAGAZINE select South Africa’s top 50 sexiest bachelor’s and they get all their readers to vote for their favorite.

This year they have selected some sexy guys, but I have decided to make it easy for you, and I have selected my top 6 of the 50…

From Left to Right.

Dene Botha
Dene is a model and a water sports promoter. (I dunno what that means… But it doesnt matter, he is sexy!) He is 28 and he is from Cape Town

Graeme Richards
Graeme is one of the country’s top presenters. He is the main presenter of ETV’s monring news, Sunrise. Even though he is one of the older guys of the group, he is still one of the sexier. I cant beleive he is 32.

Jonaid Carrera
This hunky model, actor and TV personality has one of the hottest bodies around. Not only does he have a great body, he is also a great guy. You may remember him on my float at Gay Pride. (He is not gay, but that’s how cool he is…)

LeeRoy Jason
He may not be the bulkiest guy here, but hes dreamy eyes and his sharp features make him one of the sexier bachelors… He is one of SA’s top young photographers and he is only 26

Musa Sambo
One of the first Flava’s of the month, this well built music producer and student makes for a cute young 23 year old Bachelor.

Sizwe Dhlomo
This well known face is surprisingly still a bachelor. I dunno how someone who is so arrogantly sexy can still be single… (Even though I dislike what he did to me a while back, I still think he is hot…)

To find out how to vote for these guys and to see the other guys, log onto


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