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Introducing Lunga Shabalala

So you may be wondering who Lunga Shabalala is, well he is the winner of one of the biggest male underwear competitions to hit South Africa. CK recently held a nation wide search to find one lucky guy who will represent CK South Africa. You may have seen posters at various Edgars stores and even at your gym. Well the competition was held over a few months, and the finals were held this past Saturday at Edgars in Melrose Arch. At the finals, 10 guys were in the running for the title of representative of CK South Africa.

The show was packed with sexy guys strutting their stuff in white and black CK undies…

Well after much breath loss, the winner was chosen from the above 10, and the winner was 21 year old Durbanite, Lunga Shabalala.

I caught up with this friendly, young and very sexy guy, to get to know him better…

Mika Stefano: What do you do?
Lunga Shabalala: I’m a student studying Town Planning

Mika Stefano: Wow, who would have thought… Where are you from?
Lunga Shabalala: I’m from Pietermaritzburg but I’m currently in Durban

Mika Stefano: What do you do in your spare time?
Lunga Shabalala: I’m an active guy so when I have time I’m at the gym or playing sport. I also coach sport at a Durban school.

Mika Stefano: So,why did you enter a competition like this?
Lunga Shabalala: I’ve always had a desire to be an underwear model. Follow in the steps of Mark Wahlberg, Freddie Ljunberg

Mika Stefano: I love Marky Mark!!! So, Lunga, what did you win?
Lunga Shabalala: I won a trip for two to New York and the opportunity of representing Calvin Klein underwear SA

Mika Stefano: For two…. Hmmmm…. (Flatters eyes) …lol… Well Done! So, what can we expect from Lunga now?
Lunga Shabalala: Hahahaha … Only BIG things. Gonna try get into some TV and do a lot more modelling.

Mika Stefano: Are you a briefs or boxers type of guy?
Lunga Shabalala: Lol. Wouldn’t you wanna know Mika

Mika Stefano: Yes I would… Okay… Cotton or Silk?
Lunga Shabalala: Can I say both?

Mika Stefano: No, you cant be so good looking and have it both…
Lunga Shabalala: Okay… if I have to choose it’ll have to be cotton.

Mika Stefano: Have you ever worn a G String?
Lunga Shabalala: Lol. Na, I’ve never worn a G string.

Mika Stefano: I am sure we can get a few people who would love to see you in a G String… Lunga Shabalala: (he just continued to laugh…)

Mika Stefano: What is your favorite underwear colour?
Lunga Shabalala: The classic white does it for me but I also wear a lot of black.

Mika Stefano: Now that you are the South African winner, what does that mean?
Lunga Shabalala: I’m the ambassador of Calvin Klein South Africa. I’ll be the face (and body) associated with the brand.

Mika Stefano: You are now an underwear model, this means your body has to be in top shape, how often do you workout?
Lunga Shabalala: I’m in the gym about 4 times a week doing a lot of free weights. I try and do my core everyday. During the day I do the small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Mika Stefano: Im also gyming now… Summer is around the corner… So what exercises do you do? Where can I find you in the gym?
Lunga Shabalala: Well done Mika… Being healthy is very important. I do all the major muscles so I’d do the Bench Press, Pull ups, Squats, Bicep curls, calf raises, deadlifts. Most importantly for me is the abs so I’ll end every session with ab exercises.

Mika Stefano: Ya, thats the section I wanna work on… The tummy/abs and my bee sting boobies…lol…
Lunga Shabalala: (still laughing…)

Mika Stefano: Im serious… Dunno Why you laughing… Lunga, do you follow a special diet?
Lunga Shabalala: I don’t have a rigid diet but I do watch what I eat and when I eat because half the work is in your diet. I do live an active lifestyle so I’ll have a protein shake in the mornings.

Mika Stefano: Im also drinking the protein shakes. I have the vanilla flavour…
Lunga Shabalala: I would have thought you would have been a chocolate kinda guy…

Mika Stefano: Ha Ha Ha… Now you a comedian… What can we expect from Lunga in the next 5 years…
Lunga Shabalala: I’m gonna finish my studies, but I’m definitely going to get into a lot more modeling and even some TV.

Mika Stefano: Do you have any special talents? 
Lunga Shabalala: Yea, I can clear out a room with my singing.

Mika Stefano: You lie… me too… We should start a band…
Lunga Shabalala: (Laughing) Seriously though I can act.

So that is Lunga Shabalala…
I suggest you add him on Facebook before he is too famous to accept more people – Lunga Shabalala. I have a good feeling this boy is going places….
He has my stamp of approval. 😉
Anyways, I wish him the best of luck… Lets see what this new face has to offer…


52 thoughts on “Introducing Lunga Shabalala

  1. I am sooo jealous that u got to meet him. That’s one hOt guy. And I agree, he is going places.
    Got mad love for I Mika. X

  2. yho where hve u been? with the sexy body and lusicious lip dat i wish 2 taste ………………… and if could hve one night wth u i will mke sure of it

  3. that guy lunga he makes my heart skip a bit i hope he can be the new selimathunzi presenter so that i can see more of him love him too bits

  4. Hiiii lunga……I think you should be voted sexiest male in the world….stay humble and you’ll go places mwahhh***xoxo

  5. this dude is too yummy omg, 1st saw him in the mags and instantly fell inlove lol…i wish him the best of luck and if he’s lookin for a wifey, i am right here lol

  6. M so jealous ryt nw dat u gt 2 c n tlk 2 hm …fell inlove wth dat guy 1st tym i saw hm……hes lyk heaven sent……so wana meet him dats actlly m new yrs resolution i tried dis yr n i failed dis tym arnd i wont fail gt 2 meet hm:)

  7. Lungi Shabalala is gud guy he got it all what you want from aguy(physicl) wish to know him more mybe he is evil who knws(lol).keep it kul lunga as u alwyz do n i wld lv 2 meet him 1 dai

  8. I would like to know him better although I don’t find him interesting, but his ok though I would like to dig down maybe ill find something fascinating, but he likes to be ass licked and I don’t have time lol… I’ve been trying 8o ah…….!

  9. I would like to know him better although I don’t find him interesting, but his ok though I would like to dig down maybe ill find something fascinating, but he likes to be ass licked and I don’t have time lol… I’ve been trying 8o ah…….! Its 2012 by the way.

  10. I would like to know him better although I don’t find him interesting, but his ok though I would like to dig down maybe ill find something fascinating, but he likes to be ass licked and I don’t have time lol… I’ve been trying 8o ah…….! Its 2012 by the way. We don’t ass lick anymore.

  11. Oh my word!!! MIKA I am so jealous right now! The way I LOVE LUNGA so much! He’s considered my South African Trey Songs *screaming* Calvin Klein knows how to pick them dzyam!!!!

  12. I lv de guy (lunga) he’s hot,handsome and charming i just wish i could meet him one day. Cheers to the future and gudluck hoping that we’ll see alot on tv.

  13. i realy love lunga he is my secret crush i wish i knew him so that we can get to know each other better.LUNGA YOU ROCK MY WORLD.

  14. hi lunga dont take and read too much from all this messages some a good sone a bad some a relevant becarefuly because it is these messages that can destroy your futer.you need to respect people as well as your proffesion because we as human we v got problems of killing other people futer

  15. Hy lunga my name is minenhle natasha hadebe I’m only 14 but I’ve got this huge crush on u zizo beda is my role model 1 day I rely wana be a model lyk u bt I’m a gal my mum don’t care if I have celeb crushes so here’s my story I live in dbn I go to wghs westville girls high school I’m 14 well I’m still 13 and I’m turning 14 in july 26 I’m just an ordanary gal with big dreams my best frend is sphelele nxumalo luv mini I rely lyk u

  16. Tjo a.a Boo am outa wOrdz. Just love you LUNGA SHABALALA. All i wish is to meet you some day. All the best!!!! U knw i love you moss

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