John Legend and Mika Stefano

john legend south africa 2009Last weekend the talented John Legend was in the country. I wasn’t that excited to see him perform, and was only interested in Miss Keri Baby… But once at the concert, all my previous thoughts changed. As the spotlight beamed down into the middle of the Dome, onto the ever so sexy John Legend, I got tingles all over my body. I quickly forgot the average performance of Keri Hilson. I couldn’t forget her panty line and the lack of a set, lights and more than two back up dancers. But the rest was easily forgotten. I was transported to another place as soon as John opened his mouth, and I was sold… I and 16000 other people went crazy.

He then moved to the stage, and I watched him like a hawk on the big screens, connecting with every emotion. His eyes were filled with delight and joy, and I knew he was only singing to me. The other people disappeared and John and I connected on every single level. But he was so far… I slowly became depressed and this made me hungry. So we decided to leave before he did the costume change… (Yes, we missed his second outfit) and we went off to get something to eat before heading to Moloko. After stuffing my face with a delicious Calzone and half of Jerri’s pasta, we made our way to the hottest club in Jozi; Moloko. Whilst driving we were reading the tweets of the John Legend concert, and we read that John had just arrived at Moloko. Without even going home to change, we went straight to the Moloko car park, and I did a quick costume change on the “B level.” The colour of the night was purple, for sexual frustration, and we all know how frustrated I am…

Once I was as ready as I would ever be, we walked into Moloko. The club was packed and it was a john legend south africaSunday night. All the usual suspects were there, Melanie Ramjee, Babalwa, Craig Jacobs and Iko Mash. But it did not matter, we were there for one reason and one reason only; JOHN LEGEND! And as we walked past the half naked dancer, we saw the Grammy award winning singer, less than three feet away. I almost lost my breath, but not in front of John. So I popped into the bathroom, to fix my tuck and make sure I looked as delectable as a mouth watering Milky Bar. I was ready, and I knew it… And the fact that Beyonce was playing had nothing to do with it… I strutted out the bathrooms with a Naomi Campbell Walk that would have made Babalwa fall over.

We carefully positioned ourselves in front of the DJ booth, and mjohn legendade sure that we broke it down, just for John Legend. All seemed to be going according to plan, until Keri Hilson rocked up. We got a bit side tracked by her electric personality. She danced for the crowd and took pictures with her fans, but we lost interest as soon as John Legend took off his jersey. He was wearing a tight white T-shirt and he looked so good in it… (medium erection)

Keri then left; she had an early morning at the Oprah school so she went back to her hotel room. (Toodles)And then we were back to our plan, seduce John with our sexy dance moves… And before we knew it, we had a hook. (Quick Side Note: The 5 Second Stare, if someone keeps eye contact for longer than 5 seconds, there is a possibility that they are interested in you…) So with the 5 second thought lurking in my mind I tried to hook a stare. And not only did I hook one 5 second stare, I hooked it several times. And it wasn’t just a 5 second stare; I swearjohn legend south africa it was like an 8 second stare… It seemed as if time stood still when our eyes connected. I knew then that he wanted me, but the only thing that was stopping him was the fact that I was Mika Stefano, GP’s GOSSIP GANGSTER. He must have done his research, and was too scared to approach me… (but I was re assuring myself, that I would never kiss and tell…) He seemed to be getting uncomfortable with the tense love situation and he decided to leave. Some may say he was exhausted, but I knew he couldn’t handle the heat… (In this picture, Melanie caught him in the 5 second stare, with yours truly… the look of love)

But I was not about to let my soul mate slip away from me, so like a group of crazed fans, Jerri and I snuck out before him, and we waited for him in a dark alley. And when we saw him and the 6 bodyguards approach, we pounced him like hungry pussy cats. Following him, screaming out our phone numbers and asking if he wants a home cooked meal. (I’m sure it’s tough being on the road all the time…) And then we asked if we could have a picture with him, before he stepped into his car.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock! (time stood still, yet again) His bodyguard gave what I thought was a nod, and I ran up to the car, signalling to Jerri to get the camera ready and putting on my trademark stunna’s. At this point John was in the car; he dropped his window and smiled. (time froze again… – sound of crickets) and then he whispered in the softest gentlest voice… And my ears were wide open… he said in his calming voice, and I was listening deeply, he said in what could have been a song off his second album, NO PICTURE!

Say what? NO PICTURE… Is that all I was gonna get? I turned around and looked at him in the eyes, and my heart broke in to a thousand pieces… 😦 he gave me a slight smile, before the tinted window closed on our happily never after relationship… He then zoomed off in the shuttle, back to the Radisson Hotel.
And we walked down to the car park, with the biggest sulks ever. We considered driving off to the Radisson, but we knew we could never catch up to the merc that was driving him… So we decided to call it a night and ‘switch off’ the candle to what could have been a magical combo.
@johnlegend twitter
I could not help seeing his face, and those 5 second stares; they kept me awake all night, that and….
So I decided to tweet him my BlackBerry Pin in hopes that he would see it… but after tweeting it, it struck me that I was crazy. I was like a crazed stalker tweeting him…

So I decided to write this blog, to get it out, and hopefully get over him…


11 thoughts on “John Legend and Mika Stefano

  1. Lol lol lol lol. This is the best blog ive ever read here. I could imagine everything. Did you tweet to him that you were the guy at the car park?

  2. OMG–LOL. U are a STAN. This is the best post u have ever posted.. hahahah i feel for u.
    Then again i have a girnomous crush on Rihanna but im gay. Is it normal? lol.i love me some JL too but not as much as u do.

  3. ohh sha me Mika i knw the ‘love look’ 5O cent gave it to me whn he was here,he invited me to the US I’m still thnkng about it and he reassured me tht Miss whtevr is jst a passing phase.(DAMN THE GAL IS TRYNG TO ME ),,,Love the blog u the gossip gangster for real.’TOOT -TOOT’

  4. when i still lived in Durban i had a huge crush on, eish i cant say, it’s way too embarassing, lets just say his name begins with N, ends with O and he’s an Afro-pop singer. on the occasions i’d watch Sgubhu Sa Mampela in the crumbling ant infested TV room in res i’d see him lip synching “Nguwe” fervently in a field, a vision in Xhosa beads, white vest, dreadlocks and biceps… i got completely star struck when once i saw him as a warm-up act at this inflated badly attended 2 day concert with Floetry and The Manhattans. it was a balmy winters evening eThekwini, and here i was with my friends (mostly unimpressed males) singing along to “Dali Wam” and “Ndiyamthanda” days before i left the city for good . so i arrived (alive: courtesy of SA Roadlink) eJozi, a keen, driven, fresh faced yet naive 22 year old who’d landed an internship at Ymag (R.I.P). Oh Thixo Wam guess who was on the cover of the second issue i worked on…?!… yes none other than the man himself.. Mr King-of-Afro-Pop 2006…i remember freaking out when i realised i’d just missed him when he got interviewed in the boardroom for the cover story by one of my colleagues Vuyo right next door to where i was in the Ymag office..and when the pictures arrived on a CD from the photographer (for whatever reason i also missed the shoot.. i guess someones gotta answer the phone while everyone else is working hard chowing Nando’s and being pretend friends with a schleb for the day…) anyway this CD came in and me and a couple of other females from Yfm were the first to be given the exclusive rights to see them and drool over the images, again and again…and again..i still have those pics somewhere in a folder deep within my trusty Toshiba that stays at home for watching movies…not that i feel the need to look at them any more..*cringe*.. then one day Kgomotso the magazines brand dude said that the cover star was coming to Rosebank to sign copies of the new issue and hand it out to random ladeez as part of some Ymag marketing stunt…and i had to take photographs….eeeeeK!…so finally, finally, the day had come where i, Roya Varjavandi, would meet him, walk around the mall with him, go with him into Diesel, wait outside the changing room obediently as he tried on jeans, bought them and left the shop wearing them with a swagger only puffed up celebrities do, assisted him in removing the unsightly leather tassles from the back pockets (it was tempting but i didnt keep them (for long)…then the moment i’d been holding my breath for arrived. i was walking him back to his car in the basement parking and telling him i play the guitar and he asked me to be his teacher….”so i’ll need your number then ne” he said smiling……to be continued…………………… 🙂

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